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See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

13 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. My daughter started with Wunderkind when she was 18 months. She thrived in this environment, academically and socially. She learned so much in her time there including counting, letters, language skills like Spanish, alphabet, drawing, etc. in addition to learning greater soft skills like playing well with other kids, eating independently, sleeping well and not relying on pacifiers! The home is very clean, structured and has lots of amenities like a huge backyard for playtime. The teachers truly care about the well-being of the kids and my daughter was constantly asking to go there every morning and on weekends. I highly recommend this facility for anyone seeking high quality, safe, clean childcare focused on learning, development and greater self-awareness.

  2. Best Childcare Center in San Ramon. Very well organized and detail oriented Director. Focusing on academics and social skills. I would recommend each and every parent. Very trustworthy and clean facility.

  3. My son attended Wunderkind for over 2 years and we had a great experience overall. The reason I liked Wunderkind compared to other home based day cares is because they focus on learning and academic development along side free play and social activities. They are clean, structured, and provide a safe environment for kids.

  4. My daughter attended Wunderkind for 2 years, I did not have to worry about her while she was in their care, its a well rounded home based day care where little kids have a good clean environment as well as focus on getting their basics down so they are all set when they transition to kindergarten.

  5. My daughter used to go to Wunderkind. And she loved going there each morning. She still talks about Miss Kumud. She cried only on the first day after that she just loved going there.

  6. I send my girl to Miss Kumud when she was only 7 months. She took care of my girl so well. The facility is clean and organized and she provides breakfast as well. I would highly recommend her facility for anyone seeking daycare here in San Ramon.

  7. She is exceptionally clean and has a fabulous teaching background. Great for preschool age kids but not recommended for babies and toddlers.

  8. My daughter started wunderkind corp from the age of 2. She loved the preschool. As a parent I would highly encourage this place.she learnt discipline,writing and reading as well very early. Ms.kumud is really wonderful and trained the kids in all aspects.

  9. My daughter started WunderKind Preschool manged by Kumud when she was around 15 months and was there until she turned 4. I wouldn’t have asked for anything else for her first foundation years of learning and exploring the outside world. Kumud manages the school very well and has a very balanced curriculum for preschool age kids with focus on early math and phonics. Other than academics there’s always a lot of fun activities planned for kids. I would wholeheartedly recommend Wunderkind if you are looking for a safe and clean and balanced preschool type of setting for your preschoolers 🙂

  10. We just wanted to thank you for making the first visits of our daughter a success. You immediately understood and respected her needs. I’m so glad I found the Wunderkind daycare. It is such a great place.

    We were immediately drawn to the facility the first time we visited. Mrs. Sharma was committed to help us make a fully informed decision about your child’s future.

    Mrs. Sharma honors our roles as parents and have partnered with us in the care and development of our daughter. We share the joy of our child’s experiences through regular communication. They value her as a unique individual who needed to be nurtured, protected and respected at all times. She has developed a strong bond with her teachers and other children.

    What we appreciate most about the daycare is the curriculum and the daily structured program that they have created for the children. Since she has been with the daycare her social skills as well as her academic skills have advanced greatly. We believe that Hannah has blossomed because of her attendance here.

    They have become a part of our family and we cannot imagine entrusting her with anyone else. We cannot not tell you enough how grateful we are that Mrs. Sharma has committed and dedicated the utmost care for Hannah when she developed asthma.

    We would recommend this facility to all of our friend and family. They provide a safe and caring environment that promotes learning.

  11. My daughter was with Wunderkind for close to a year. She was 16 months old when she started going to the Wunderkind and would go there once a week. We had to discontinue the preschool due to personal reasons but I was so impressed with the program and staff that I knew that when she would start preschool the Wunderkind would be my first choice. When she was ready to go to preschool at 30 months we waited till there was availability and enrolled her at the facility.

    I have been very happy with the Wunderkind, its staff, premises …. I could go on and on :). The program is very well structured with enough time for learning activities, arts and crafts, music and playtime. My daughter is 39 months old and she already knows allher letters, numbers, vowels, colors, lots of songs and much more.

    The staff at the Wunderkind is extremely professional and very loving. My daughter talks very fondly of all her three teachers – Ms. Kumud, Ms. Alicia and Ms. Maria.

    The premises are very clean and get disinfected on a daily basis. Care is taken to ensure that kids wash their hands before eating their meals, after visiting the restrooms etc. to reduce their chances of falling sick.

    All meals are freshly prepared in the house and there is a lot of variety with very healthy eating options (something every parent wants for their kids). My daughter loves the soups, pastas etc. and it is very delightful to hear her talk about how she needs to eatall her vegetables to keep her healthy :).

    All in all my daughter and I both love the Wunderkind and would highly recommend this facility to any parent looking for a home away from home for their kids. We are relocating to another country and will definitely miss the Wunderkind!

    Sonali Hirekatur

  12. • Outstanding childcare provided to our daughter Saachi from when she was 8months old till today when she is almost 2 years. 

    • As any parent with kid(s) can imagine, how much trust and faith one has to have in leaving their infants/toddlers with someone and be assured that they will take care of the child’s physical, emotional and development needs. We were in the same situation when we began looking for Saachi.  I checked out many childcare facilities and found Wunderkind to be one of its kind. Instantly I was able to see the depth of experience and care Kumud and Rajesh demonstrated in caring for the children. This was the most important for us.

    • By God’s grace Saachi is an advanced child in terms of independence, vocabulary, loves to read and is extremely social. Wunderkind team has been one of the key contributors to Saachi’s development.

    • She is already demonstrating good manners. Infact, she reminds us to say “thank you” when we forget 🙂

    • We hope Wunderkind grows and develop rapidly so more and more children can receive the high quality care our child has received.

  13. Over a year ago, when I was looking for a daycare for Leya, a friend suggested Wunderkind. I came by right away and fortunately Leya was able to get a slot within a few weeks and Leya has just had a wonderful time at school ever since.

    You were very supportive in the first few weeks when we had a hard time with letting her cry when we dropped her off and we have really appreciated that. Overall, I have always had a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience with every question, be it a minute detail or a larger concern.

    With Leya being a premature baby, I am always worried about infections and developmental challenges. I am grateful that you have always been very pro-active with the slightest change in Leyas health.
    While in Wunderkind, Leya has made strides with her English vocabulary, her overall socialization and ability to articulate her needs.

    I have to also put in good word for the teachers other than you. Leya still remembers fondly and often mentions those are no longer at Wunderkind and truly loves the ones that are. I appreciate the loving care she has had from them.

    It is a rite of passage that as she grows up, Leya moves to a slightly more formal school setting. Yet, it is hard for us to make her, because it will be difficult to replace the constant growth that Wunderkind has provided in such a homey and loving environment.
    Good luck to you,

    Diya Parial
    Product Manager

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